Oh the places you’ll go

It’s been a few days since we’ve completed our project, and reminiscing now, I still can’t put the last month into words.

Let’s start from the beginning: I found the days leading up to Nepal nerve wracking. More so than I’d like to admit. It seemed unbelievable that something we had been working on for so many months was about to be set into motion. I was nervous about whether we were prepared enough, what kind of impact our team could make, and what it would be like meeting all these people we had previously only had online contact with.

(I also made the unfortunate stressful mistake of packing everything the night before we left – not my brightest decision.)

It’s safe to say that my original fears have been assuaged. I’ve been blown away by this experience. There have been such moments of growth as our team has explored, taught, and learnt in a completely different country.  Based on the people we have talked to, I sincerely believe that this project is making a difference in the everyday lives of those most effected – which was a primary concern coming in. It was empowering to listen to community members discuss sickle cell disease and their understanding about how issues could be resolved.

So here’s my long-winded, not nearly extensive enough, thank you to the people who have made this project possible:

To my favourite group of Sickle Cell Individuals. I’m proud of the fact that we were able to accomplish what we did, and that we were open to adaptations depending on the feedback we got. I’m so thankful I got to undergo this will all of you. Cheers to the best group I could have asked for.

(I can’t imagine this trip without Kevin habitually working to ensure the best wifi or Vikas’ excited exclamations as we drove through Nepali traffic. Maya – your cheer and resolve always lifted us up. And I’ll forever remember our card game nights for how Sophia’s normally calm and smiling demeanour could so quickly change to scandalized retorts. Tash – you’re such a babe for putting up with me as a roommate for a month and my inability to have a normal sleep schedule. Last but not least, thank you Mike for your infectious chortle and assuming the position of group dad, and Jesse for the late-night star watching and talks. 

You guys truly are the best.)

To all the locals we have met – you have been an integral part of our trip. To everyone at Creating Possibilities, we adore you. The work you do for your community is amazing and you made us feel so welcome. The hospitality we have been shown, from everyone here in Nepal, has been amazing.


To the people at IWEN: we’ve witnessed first hand how invested you are here in Nepal and I’m so grateful we got to meet some of your team members. Thank you Kevin and Josie for involving us in your plans and for being so kind.

A massive thank you to previous team members for always checking in and answering the questions we’ve had. And finally, thank you to all our sponsors and the people who donated to ensure this project could occur.

Farewell Nepal,


And then things start to happen,
don’t worry. Don’t stew.
Just go right along.
You’ll start happening too.


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